At DW Customs we use industry technology leader, Compustar remote start systems. Differences in remote start systems break down to the two basic feature sets of range and one way versus two-way communication.  There are a multitude of different remote styles to choose from, but the most important features are range and communication type.

We carry systems that start with 500 – 1000’ of optimum operating range all the way out to two miles of optimum operating range. Customers also have a choice between one-way communication remote sets and two way communication sets.

One-way remote sets, will transmit to the car, one way only, with no confirmation of signal transmission or the vehicle starting.

Two-way confirmation remote sets will give the user audible and visual confirmation that a signal has been successfully sent and once the vehicle starts, the user gets an audible and visual confirmation on the key fob that the car has started and is running. During the vehicle’s run time, the key fob will give visual indication that the car is still running.

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